What does it take to build a THRIVING Business?

Here is The Science behind Loyal Customers

The fundamental equation:

Y = f ( X )

In plain english …. Everything happens for a reason!

Let’s start with what it takes to make the business “happy”....

$ = f ( Loyal Customer )

Loyal Customer = f ( Engaged Employee )

$ = f ( f ( Engaged Employee )

Engaged Employee = f ( ? )

(from Adaptive Business Solutions, LLC)

A THRIVING workforce is one in which employees are NOT just satisfied but also engaged in creating the future - the company’s and their own!

How can you build a team that THRIVES? Here are some key strategies:
1. Create and Communicate a Clear Vision​ - People want to belong to something greater than themselves!

2. Explain the “WHY”​ - Help your team understand why they are doing things (or not doing them) and how their work fits into the bigger picture. They will be more passionate in what they do!

3. Take Time to get to know Each Employee​ - Showing you care creates trust and loyalty! Being able to connect with them on a personal level will allow them to bring their “whole self” to work.

4. Set and follow Processes, Procedures, and Expectations​ - Clearly lay out processes, procedures and expectations from Day 1. This will reduce stress from uncertainty!

5. Allow Problem Solving​ - Create problem consciousness; Provide an environment to raise issues early and coach problem solving skills.

6. Offer & Receive Feedback on a Regular Basis ​- Employees want to feel valued and know their input matters! Be open to ideas and suggestions from your team. This allows the ones on the front line and closest to the customer to share suggestions and fosters continuous improvements.

The FocalPoint Business Coaching Program will help you develop in each of these areas to turn your customers and employees into passionate supporters of your business! If you would like to learn more, please contact me:

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